Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Special Dinner

This weekend I have ventured off to Port Hope again. On this occasion I will be attending a special dinner, which has several facets to it.

  • To thank those who have contributed to this project in various capacities.
  • To touch base with those who will be joining Steve and Mike in Laos.
  • For those going to Laos, to have an opportunity to voice any last-minute questions or concerns with Steve before he leaves for Laos in November.

Originally, I had planned to take the GO Train to Oshawa (the end of the GO line), where Steve and Mike would have picked me up in their van. But when I was chatting with them on Skype earlier this week, Steve graciously offered to drive into Toronto and pick me up. So around 8 AM this morning, they arrived and stopped into Java Jive, the community cafe next to where I live, to have some breakfast before heading back to Port Hope.

Shortly after their arrival I presented them with five copies of the Adopt a Village in Laos: Presentation at the Capitol Theatre DVDs. One copy was, of course, for them. The remaining copies they can freely give to their close friends for feedback. Perhaps these DVDs might be a way of helping to raise money to fund their project?

On the drive back to Port Hope, Steve informed me that for all my hard work behind the scenes I could have my name inscribed on either a sign for one of the hygiene toilets or on a plaque for one of the schools. I was honoured. After a moment of thought, I selected the plaque.

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