Adopt a Village in Laos T-shirt

In the quest for increasing public awareness of Adopt a Village in Laos, I have created this T-shirt as one way to advertise this organization's existence to the world at large. If you click on the image itself, you can examine the shirt in greater detail.

Exclusively available in forest green, these shirts will be go on sale starting on July 10. All proceeds from these sales will go directly back to Adopt a Village in Laos so that it can continue its humanitarian work with the hill tribes of rural Laos.

If you would be interested in purchasing one of these shirts, please email me, Roland Drake, at Or, if you prefer, you can call me at 647 274 5295.

Alternatively, you can place an order for these shirts through PayPal. To do so, simply do the following:

  1. In the NAME, ADDRESS AND EMAIL field, enter your first and last name, mailing address and email address.
  2. From the SIZES dropdown menu, select your first item and then click ADD to CART. Doing so will take you to Your Shopping Cart.  If you only have a single item, simply click on Check Out. If not, go to step 3.
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  5. Once you're done, click Check Out.