Laos Presentation

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Drawn from a variety of archival sources and set to the music of
"Nella Fantasia" (by Sarah Brightman), this video, which I titled,
The Dark Days of Laos, provides a glimpse into the secret bombing
of Laos from 1964 to 1973. Originally presented at the Adopt a Village
in Laos fundraiser at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope on the evening of
Saturday, September 17, this production impacted that audience of over 150
people on a deep level. In fact, the audience was affected to such a degree
that absolute silence filled the theatre as soon as the video ended.

Among the presentations at the big Adopt a Village in Laos fundraiser
 on the evening of September 17 was this video by Northumberland Today
 photojournalist Ted Amsden. Shot while he was visiting Laos in December
2010, this video vividly chronicles hill tribe life and the work of this
humanitarian organization with the hill tribe people.

The video above documents the bomb clearing efforts of the UXO
(Unexploded Ordnance) group in Laos.

The two videos above document some of the personal stories of the
bombing legacy in Laos.

The video above documents the secret U.S. bombing campaign in Laos