Saturday, April 16, 2011

In 400 Words

Earlier this month I submitted material for an article about Laos to SNAP, a community publication which covered my "To Laos with Love" event at the beginning of  March. A few days ago, I received an email from SNAP indicating that the material had to be pared down significantly. Immediately, I set to work trying to condense what I had to say to meet their requirements of 400 words. I realized that by doing so I could only hope to give potential readers a glimpse of what Adopt a Village in Laos is all about. Finally, after several revisions, I managed to create something which did meet their requirements and with which I was satisfied. I made certain to embed it with relevant web links, providing potential readers with access to additional information to broaden their understanding. The final revision turned out to be just over 400 words in length.

After having had virtually no success in breaking through the mainstream media in Toronto, I was very happy that SNAP was interested in publishing this story. I am hoping that this article will be a major stepping stone to increasing awareness of Adopt a Village in Laos and the wonderful work which this humanitarian organization is doing with the hill tribes of rural Laos, taking it well beyond the confines of Port Hope and Cobourg.

The article appears in their May issue.

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