Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Twitter Follower

Last night I received a new Twitter follower notification. Much to my surprise and delight, my new follower is of Laotian ancestry. That in itself is amazing. More amazing is that this follower resides in Toronto. Even more amazing, my new follower lives right in my own neighbourhood!

Each time I accept a new follower, I always send a quick little message back thanking that person for following me. However, shortly after doing so on this occasion, I received an introductory reply from my new follower.

In an email today, my new follower explained that, "I was actually posting an event on Snap and saw your event post about Laos! Sounds like a great project.

I will try to pop by to one of your presentations at Java Jive in the near future. I live down the street!!

Thanks for supporting my motherland and I will talk to you soon."


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