Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vaccinations for Laos

As part of the preparations for my journey to Laos, I attended my first consultation at a local travel health clinic. The healthcare providers were extremely helpful and reviewed all the necessary requirements and precautions to ensure good health. They did a complete breakdown of costs and what was covered by OHIP and any company health plan which I might have.

During that visit, I received my first set of vaccinations: Twinrix and tetanus. The Twinrix shot specifically protects one against Hepatitis A and B. Hepatitis A can be contracted through exposure to contaminated water, ice, or shellfish harvested in contaminated water; or from fruits, vegetables, or other foods that are eaten uncooked and that were contaminated during harvesting and subsequent handling. Heptatitis B can be contracted through exposure to blood or body fluids, sexual contact with local population, or be exposed through medical treatment.

For extensive information about other requirements and precautions for travellers to Laos, I discovered this excellent web site.

Next week I return to the clinic for another consultation and set of shots.

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