Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to Laos: The Work Continues

In the wee hours of Monday, November 15, Steve Rutledge, one of the founders of Adopt a Village in Laos, departed from Pearson International Airport in Toronto on a 26-hour flight to Laos, where he will be based until April 2011. Ports of call on this long journey include Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hanoi, and finally, Luang Prabang.

On December 5, Mike Yap, the other founder, and three other Port Hope locals will join Steve in Laos. For these three people, who have never been to Laos before, it will certainly be an eye-opening, life-altering experience for them all. Jennifer Hawthorn will be teaching basic English to the villagers. Jennifer Mercer will be doing a dance exchange program with the hill tribe villagers. Lastly, Ted Amsden, a writer for Northumberland Today, the local newspaper in Port Hope, and professional photographer, will be documenting their journey through the lens.

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