Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water Filter Brochure Published

Yesterday I emailed my friend and president of Adopt a Village in Laos, Steve Rutledge, the final version of a water filter brochure I had designed for the organization. When he first saw the layout, he was absolutely thrilled.

This tri-fold design packs a lot of information into a very small package. Inside the brochure it introduces the reader to Laos by giving some quick facts about this Southeast Asian country as well as some of its history. Also inside, it provides some interesting information about the water filters themselves and a donation form. On the back page, there is an overview about Adopt a Village in Laos itself.

This Tuesday afternoon Steve will drop off some copies from the first printing for me to distribute here in Toronto.

Please feel free to download a copy of this brochure and distribute it to people who might be interested.

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