Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest on Sieng Lao Radio

On the morning of Sunday, October 30, I will be a guest on Fairchild Radio's Sieng Lao Radio program, which broadcasts every Sunday between 9 am and 10 am on AM 1430 in Toronto and around the world via the Internet. While I will be on air for only a few minutes, I will use that time wisely to raise awareness for Adopt a Village in Laos, not only with Toronto's Lao community but with Lao communities around the world (including, of course, Laos itself).

I will touch on the various projects which Adopt a Village in Laos embraces and the positive impact it has already made in the lives of the hill tribe people. I will briefly mention my own involvement with the organization and my upcoming trip to Laos. Finally, I will mention the 'Secret War' and its deadly legacy.

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  1. go for it Roland! i salute you for this wonderful endeavor!