Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm On The Air

Fairchild Radio headquarters, Richmond Hill, Ontario

This morning I shared the program with Sieng Lao Radio host regular, Bev Korasack.

At 9.30 am this morning I appeared as a guest on Fairchild Radio's Sieng Lao Radio program, which shares news, events, and other information of interest to Toronto's Lao community and which is broadcast locally and around the world on the Internet, to talk about Adopt a Village in Laos.

While my time on the air was short, I tried to include as much as I could in the allotted time. First, I introduced myself in Lao by saying, "Saibaidee, kanoy man...", which essentially means, "Hello, my name is....".  Then I thanked Fairchild Radio for having the opportunity to appear on the program and to the donors who contributed to Adopt a Village in Laos. I said special hellos to two acquaintances in Laos, one of whom I met at the Buddhist temple a couple of weeks ago and one Facebook friend. Afterwards, the focus shifted to talking about the work of Adopt a Village in Laos, where I touched on some recent project updates and fundraising targets. I emphasized to listeners that they should visit the Adopt a Village in Laos blog for more information and about how to donate.

Before my time was up, I informed listeners about my own venture to Laos this coming December and that I would be providing updates through my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

Throughout my portion of the program, I alternated between two of the Sieng Lao Radio team, Khamkeut Keovongsa and Bev Korasack, who provided the necessary translations into Lao. You can listen to that part of the broadcast here, with the English segments starting at 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

As the program was about to conclude, Khamkeut received a call from a listener who wanted to donate a $100. After briefly chatting with the caller, she passed the phone to me and I personally thanked that person for the contribution.


  1. Bev looks like Sakomoto, I mean Japanese Princess like Khamkeurt twin sakura grand daughters.Thanks Roland for taking a surprise picture in the Fair Child Studio during Sieng Lao on Air.

  2. God bless you in your endeavor my friend... tho'
    ill be missing my weekend buddy, i'll be happy that you are doing something to our friends in Laos...


  3. I have a challenge quest to the world: If 10 mn of your time can/will change people's life what would that be?