Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Packing for Laos: The Case

A few weeks ago my friend Jason and I were discussing my upcoming venture to Laos. During that conversation, he mentioned that he had some luggage which I could borrow for my trip. Yesterday he finally dropped off that piece of luggage for me to consider.

After I got home from work, I carefully examined the large plastic-bodied case equipped with wheels and a retractable handle. Instantly, I thought that it was absolutely ideal for my needs, particularly for negotiating busy airports.

To make certain that it would work in practice, I placed the backpack, which I had purchased last week from Mountain Equipment Co-op, inside the case. The backpack fit perfectly and there was still room to spare. The other compartment was left free and clear so that I could store other items for my trip. To make storage easy, I am going to buy some plastic containers to keep everything neat and organized.

Overall, I will be able to travel with great efficiency because I will not be bogged down by multiple pieces of luggage. In addition to this case, I will have a carry-on large enough to accommodate valuable items such as my camera and computer gear.

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