Saturday, January 15, 2011

Akasha Art Exhibition

Yesterday morning I ventured out with my dog, Asta, to do some shopping. On the way, I dropped into Java Jive, the community cafe next door to where I live. It was there that Mushtaba, the new owner of the cafe, informed me that a woman from Akasha Art Gallery, which I later discovered is nestled above the neighbourhood hardware store just north of Wellesley on Church, had picked up the last copy of Adopt a Village in Laos newsletter. She had asked him if she could have more copies of this newsletter to display at an upcoming exhibition which had some relationship to Laos.

With my dog Asta in hand, I left the cafe and briskly walked down to the gallery. Once there, I introduced myself and briefly explained my interest in and involvement with Laos. She told me that starting this Saturday there would be an exhibition whose subject matter would revolve around Cambodia and Laos. Having the newsletters on display during this exhibition, I thought to myself and which I verbalised to her, would be an excellent way to raise awareness for Adopt a Village in Laos. Before I left, I told her that I would be back later that day with some freshly minted newsletters.

Early that afternoon I visited the gallery again. In addition to bringing the newsletters, I gave her a copy of the Fall 2010 issue of GO!, which featured a beautiful eight-page article about Adopt a Village in Laos. I explained that this was a display copy for visitors to peruse and another way to promote the organization.

After work today I will be attending the opening of this exhibition to which I had been cordially invited by the gallery owner yesterday. I am really looking forward to it.

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