Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Dad Contributes to My Laos Travel Fund

While I was visiting my dad several weeks ago, I had dropped off some copies of the Adopt a Village in Laos newsletter and told him about this organization with which I had become involved. This morning I briefly visited him again at his apartment in midtown Toronto, which is not that far from where I grew up. During the visit, my dad informed me that he needed to go to his neighbourhood bank before I left. He asked me if I would mind accompanying him. I responded that I would be more than happy to tag along, but little did I suspect what would happen next.

The journey to the bank took about 15 minutes from his apartment. Once we arrived there, he didn't have to wait very long for a teller. A few minutes later, he returned and presented me with $200 in cash. This money, he explained, was to go toward the cost of my flight. Surprised, I simply thanked him very much. Then, we walked back to the subway, where we parted company and I headed back downtown.

With this new money to add to my travel fund, it now brings up the total to $885. That's forty-five percent of the way to my goal.

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