Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Postcard from Laos

This morning I received a beautiful postcard from Laos. It was from Mike, dated December 20.

The village depicted on the front of the card is called Iko-Brume Matinale. On the back of the card, four stamps, each worth 3000 K (that's short for kip, the name of the local currency), lined its top. In Canadian currency, each stamp is worth about 37 cents (at the time of this writing).

In his message, he briefly brought me up to speed about what's been going on there.

Dear Roland
How are you?
It has been a crazy past couple weeks and I'm in my last week in Laos.
We did so much other than the usual tour. Most of the time was to get the projects from May done and hunting for new villages that need help. That means I will be back next year.
 Not sure how long this card will take to get to your door.
 I wish you have a Happy & Prosperous New Year.


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