Wednesday, June 22, 2011

T-Shirt Design Proofs

At the beginning of the week, I submitted my designs to Has Marketing for an Adopt a Village in Laos T-shirt. After a couple of days of tweaking, I finalized the designs and emailed them this morning before heading out to work. Late this afternoon I received a proof, which shows how the designs will look on the shirt itself. The actual colour for the shirt will be forest green.

The front of the shirt sports the organization name, its focus, and the web site. The O's in Adopt a Village in Laos have been transformed into baci strings, which are an integral element of hill tribe culture and basically represent good fortune. The back of the shirt is adorned with Lao script and the translation, which appears directly below it, expresses what this organization represents.

Tomorrow morning I will venture to Has Marketing to finalize the order by putting down a fifty percent deposit. For this initial order, which will take about a week, I am only producing 20 shirts to see what the response will be from people first. Three of the shirts will be written off for me and the organization founders, Steve Rutledge and Mike Yap. The remaining 17 shirts will be available for sale starting July 10, with the proceeds going back to the organization to fund its various projects.

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