Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Big Donations

A few months ago a long time friend had pledged that he and a mutual friend of ours would donate to Adopt a Village in Laos.  Last night that promise turned into a reality when my friend and I finally got together and he handed me two cheques in an ornate envelope. Expecting a donation for one or possibly two water filters, I was floored when I gazed at the dollar amount on each cheque - $500 each! After I composed myself, I asked him how he wanted these monies donated. He replied that I could allocate these contributions as I wished.

Shortly after our meeting, I emailed Steve Rutledge, who within a couple of hours replied. He was absolutely ecstatic. The first two words of his email basically summed up his reaction thusly, "Holy crap!"

This morning I decided how I would allocate these contributions.  A portion of these proceeds would toward 10 water filters and the remainder would go toward a school project.

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